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  • SAE Webinar: Jay Liebowitz Explains GeigerCruizer July 28, 2017

    SAE hosted a webinar on July 20th on Sensor Fusion and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.  Jay Liebowitz, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, presented the GeigerCruizer as one of three technologies featured to the audience of over 100 attendees.  His presentation explained the reason to use single-photon indium phosphide optoelectronics for long-range, high resolution imaging in real-time.  The GeigerCruizer exploits semiconductor experience curves while staying in eye-safety power limits, yet imaging beyond 200 meters in inclement weather and even 300 meters in benign conditions.

    You can view the webinar here.

  • GeigerCruizer driving video shows 250 meter ADAS LiDAR Capability July 24, 2017

    Here is the video we had running at our booth at the 2017 Automated Vehicles Symposium (AVS), which demonstrates the ability of  GeigerCruizer™ imaging the furthest and at the highest resolution of any ADAS LiDAR.  The video contains point clouds collected and processed in real-time from the GeigerCruizer Demo System as it was driven in the vicinity of our headquarters in Cranbury NJ.  Objects are detected beyond 300 meters and at reflectances of 10%, with angular resolutions to 1 mrad.  In addition, imaging is shown in inclement weather conditions, such as snow and fog, as well as through obscurants such as water and dirt on the GeigerCruizer’s window.

  • AVS 2017: Sam Wilton Presented on GeigerCruizer™ July 20, 2017

    During the 2017 Automated Vehicles Symposium (AVS) on July 12th, Sam Wilton, who manages LiDAR research, gave a presentation enttitled, “GeigerCruizer™: The eye-safe, scalable 250 meter automotive LiDAR.”  Sam highlighted the advantages of Geiger-mode LiDAR for highway driving. These benefits include long range, high resolution imaging at high frame rate.  The presentation incorporated videos of point clouds being generated in real-time while driving.  He also showed point clouds taken in rain, snow, and fog. The resolution and distance capabilities he presented are unmatched in the industry.


  • Xponential 2017 News: Geiger-mode LiDAR on Point-of-Beginning June 4, 2017

    Point of Beginning editor Valerie King interviewed Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Jay Liebowitz at the Xponential 2017 Conference. Jay highlighted the speed and sensitivity benefits of Geiger-mode LiDAR for mapping large areas of land as well as the advantages for foliage penetration in corridor mapping.  He also discussed the scaling benefits that make Geiger-mode LiDAR suitable for autonomous vehicles.


  • Xponential 2017 News: Geiger-Mode Sensing on GISCafe May 22, 2017

    GISCafe ‘s host Sanjay Gangal interviewed Jay Liebowitz, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Princeton Lightwave at the Xponential 2017 Conference. Jay highlighted the benefits of Geiger-mode over conventional LiDAR for sensitivity, speed, and resolution.  He pointed out how Geiger-mode LiDAR, which is semiconductor-based, can scale economically to meet the cost requirements of the emerging driverless car industry.  The resulting low cost solution will make Geiger-mode the LiDAR of choice in most applications.



  • PLI presenting the GeigerCruizer at AVS May 4, 2017

    Sam Wilton, manager of LiDAR research, will be giving a technical presentation on the GeigerCruizer™ at the Automated Vehicle Symposium (AVS) in San Francisco. The presentation, entitled, “The eye-safe, scalable 250 meter automotive LiDAR,” will be at 2:30 pm on Wednesday July 12th.  Princeton Lightwave will also have a booth at AVS.  The show starts Tuesday July 11th and ends Wednesday.

  • CEO Mark Itzler named SPIE Fellow April 4, 2017

    Princeton Lightwave is pleased to announce that Dr. Mark Itzler, CEO and CTO, has been named a Fellow of the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE). Dr. Itzler is being recognized for achievements in the development and commercialization of avalanche photodiodes.  See the full press release  here: Press Release – Princeton Lightwave CEO Mark Itzler Named SPIE Fellow.


  • CEO Mark Itzler to discuss Geiger-mode LiDAR at ILMF 2017 December 28, 2016

    Dr. Mark Itzler, Princeton Lightwave’s CEO & CTO, is a featured panelist at ILMF (International LiDAR Mapping Forum) in Denver, Colorado, on February 13th.  The panel is entitled, “Geiger-Mode LiDAR (GML) and Single-Photon LiDAR (SPL): What’s the difference & why does it matter?” Panelists are industry leaders from manufacturers of different LiDAR mapping technologies.  The panel takes place between 4:10 and 5:00 pm.

    Princeton Lightwave will also have an exhibit booth during the conference, which begins that Monday and ends Wednesday the 15th.  Engineers will be available to answer  questions about Geiger-mode LiDAR.



  • Geiger-mode Tech to be highlighted at Photonics West December 28, 2016

    Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Jay Liebowitz will present Princeton Lightwave Geiger-mode sensing technology in the Exhibitor Product Demonstration of SPIE Photonics West.  The exhibition takes place from January 31st through February 2nd at the Moscone Center in San Francisco CA.  The demonstration will occur in Demo Area 1 – in the South Hall at 4:30 PM on Tuesday the 31st.

    The demonstration will provide an overview of Geiger-mode sensing, with an emphasis on LiDAR.  Examples from mapping and autonomous driving will be featured.




  • Princeton Lightwave Co-Sponsored ICQFT 2016 Conference November 3, 2016

    As with previous years, Princeton Lightwave has co-sponsored the 4th International Conference on Quantum Foundation and Technology: Frontier and Future (ICQFT 2016) in Shanghai, China, from November 12th–17th. Peter Kostoulas, Princeton Lightwave’s Senior Applications Engineer, was in attendance. If you have interest in discussing how Princeton Lightwave’s components can enable your quantum cryptography application, please contact Peter at applications@www.princetonlightwave.com to arrange a time to meet.


  • Yves Dzialowski spoke on Geiger Cruizer 3D LiDAR at Image Sensors Auto Americas 2016 September 29, 2016

    Yves Dzialowski, Executive Chairman of the Board at Princeton Lightwave spoke on a panel at the Image Sensors Auto Americas 2016 conference in Hyatt Regency, San Francisco Airport on October 27, 2016.

    He discussed the topic of GeigerCruizer™ LiDAR and how it is designed for the automotive market. The talk was scheduled from 12:30pm – 1pm.

    Image Sensors Auto Americas 2016 Agenda: http://www.image-sensors.com/is-auto-us/agenda

    Image Sensors Auto America’s 2016 Conference

  • Ed McIntyre attended InterGEO 2016 September 29, 2016

    Ed McIntyre, Princeton Lightwave’s Director of Sales and New Business Development attended the  InterGEO 2016 in Hamburg, Germany on Tuesday, October 11th.  If you have interest in discussing our Geiger mode Flash 3-D LiDAR camera technology, please contact Ed at emcintyre@www.princetonlightwave.com to arrange a time to meet.


  • GeigerCruizer covered in SPAR3D August 17, 2016

    Princeton Lightwave Automotive LiDAR business unit is covered in Spar3D. The article discusses how the GeigerCruizer, when deployed in volumes for driverless cars, can meet the requirements for seeing over 200 meters even in inclement weather.  In these volumes Geiger-mode LiDAR can even be migrated to handheld devices.


  • Auto Lidar BU covered by LiDAR News and other media July 27, 2016

    LiDAR News “In the Scan” covers our press release on the formation of the Automotive LiDAR business unit for driverless cars.

    So does Optics.org, as well as Laser Focus World and Electro Optics.

    We also were covered by the blog for Luminary Mapping Services, Inc.



  • Princeton Lightwave Forms Automotive LiDAR Biz Unit July 18, 2016

    Princeton Lightwave is announcing the formation of its Automotive LiDAR Business Unit to commercialize its industry leading Geiger-mode LiDAR technology for the emerging driverless car market.  Geiger-mode LiDAR has been recommended by the Auto Alliance…

    Here is the full announcement: Press Release — Princeton Lightwave Launches Automotive LiDAR Business Unit.


  • Jay Liebowitz will be in Prague on July 14th and 15th July 5, 2016

    Jay Liebowitz, Princeton Lightwave’s head of sales and marketing, will be attending the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Congress (ISPRS) July 14th and 15th in Prague.
    ISPRS is a leading organization in remote sensing, photogrammetry and spatial information sciences – very high-resolution satellite imagery, terrain based imaging and participatory sensing, inexpensive platforms, and advanced information and communications technologies.

    Every 4 years the Congress welcomes participants from all over the world. This gathering strengthens relations among the researchers, professionals and representatives of governmental and non-governmental organization thus enhancing the co-operation within the field. ISPRS welcomes all papers bringing new results, achievements, methods and theory to help to shift the present level of knowledge.

    If you are interested in meeting with Jay, please contact him at jliebowitz@www.princetonlightwave.com.


  • Jay Liebowitz to speak on Geiger-Mode 3D LIDAR Cameras March 30, 2016

    Jay Liebowitz, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Princeton Lightwave will be speaking at the SPAR3D conference in Woodlands, TX on Wednesday, April 13, 2016.


    The talk is scheduled from 10:50 am – 11:10 am in the Montgomery AB hall.



  • Yves Dzialowski on Emerging Markets Panel: Lidar and the rise of autonomous vehicles February 12, 2016

     Yves Dzialowski on Emerging Markets Panel: Lidar and the rise of autonomous vehicles

    Feb 15, 2016 at the Marriott Marquis, San Francisco

    As self-driving vehicles are being developed by the likes of Google, Uber, BMW, Ford, and more, and as continually improving, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are adopted by all major automotive manufacturers, it is clear that significant new market opportunities are emerging for photonics, most notably lidar systems and cameras. John Dexheimer, an investor in numerous photonics markets, and Mark Bünger, director of research with Lux Research, will provide market data and perspective on these opportunities and lead a panel of photonics sensor makers, OEMs, and end users planning to take advantage of them.



  • PLI is featured in the latest issue of the magazine Optics and Photonics News. January 20, 2016

    Princeton Lightwave pursues opportunities in single-photon sensing, offering
    new solutions to commercial and defense markets.
    Read Article


  • Dr. Mark Itzler on LiDAR panel at ILMF 2016 in Denver on February 22nd January 4, 2016

    Friday, December 04, 2015 – PLI’s CEO Dr. Mark Itzler has been invited to be on a panel of LiDAR System manufacturers to discuss his views on single photon counting technology today and in the future.
    Read Article



  • PLI paper ranked 1st in Journal of Modern Optics January 4, 2016

    Monday, Nov. 30, 2015 — PLI’s article ‘Advances in InGaAsP-based avalanche diode single photon sensors’ has been ranked as “the most cited article published in the past five years” in JMO. Contact PLI for free ePrint access.


  • PLI’s Sabbir Rangwala Joins Governing Board of NJ Automated Transportation Center. January 4, 2016

    Monday, July 20, 2015 – PLI President Sabbir Rangwala has been tapped to join the governing board of the Center for Automated Road Transportation Safety@Fort Monmouth (CARTS@FM). Learn More.



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