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Princeton Lightwave:  the leader in Geiger-mode LiDAR technology

We specialize in technology for detecting and processing photons digitally, precisely, and in real-time. Our expertise, called Geiger-mode LiDAR technology, is critical to a host of emerging applications concerned with improving situational awareness and security.  As fully integrated sensors, our GeigerCruizer™ automotive LiDAR increases safety. Our Geiger-mode cameras are essential subsystems in 3D LiDAR systems used for mapping.  Relying on the same technology as for LiDAR, our Geiger-mode detectors ensure that quantum communications cannot be hacked.


Autonomous Navigation of Driverless Cars

The GeigerCruizer™ meets safety requirements for autonomous navigation in ways that no other sensor can. LiDAR’s benefit for automotive safety is its ability to provide 3D object recognition, which neither monovision cameras nor radar can.  The Automotive Alliance – which represents vehicle manufacturers that produce 77% of all cars and light trucks in the United States – has explicitly advocated for Geiger-mode LiDAR technology.   We are the world leader in this technology, which has the ability to sense beyond 200 meters for reducing collisions.  Our GeigerCruizerTM LiDAR is differentiated from others by its ability to detect low-reflectivity objects beyond 200 meters within eye safety limits.  The core device technologies are semiconductor-based, so as to scale in volume to meet automotive prices.


3D LIDAR Mapping and Situational Awareness

Geiger-mode LIDAR is a proven remote sensing and mapping technology. Initially deployed by the US Military, the US Geological Survey has adopted Geiger-mode LiDAR for creating a new set of 3D Elevation Maps (3DEP).  Our aerial cameras enable these more highly detailed maps, which provide orders of magnitude improvement in resolution and data collection speeds.  The benefits of Geiger-mode LiDAR are also making possible new capabilities in terrestrial-based mapping, in addition to low altitude and drone navigation.  The real-time capabilities of Geiger-mode LiDAR are also of benefit in security applications, especially for intruder detection.


Geiger-mode Detectors and related components

We became leaders in Geiger-mode LiDAR by being pioneers in Geiger-mode detectors over 15 years ago.  Initially, Geiger-mode detectors enabled quantum communications, which keep encrypted communications from being hacked.  Our Geiger-mode detectors are in use worldwide in quantum communication links for over ten years.

In addition to Geiger-mode detectors, we also manufacture a range of optoelectronic devices.  Our laser diodes are critical components in fiber optic gyroscopes, medical equipment, and optical networking test instruments.  Our conventional detectors are used in satellite communications, conventional laser ranging, and chemical analysis instrumentation. Whether Geiger-mode or conventional optoelectronics, our expertise is valued in a wide range of leading-edge situational awareness and security applications.



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