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  • Geiger-mode flashes bright at LiDAR conference

    At the International LiDAR Mapping Forum in February, Chief Marketing Officer Jay Liebowitz, as part of a panel on the future of LiDAR technologies, explains how the scalable nature of semiconductor-based Geiger-mode will transform 3D LiDAR. The cost advantages of Geiger-mode make possible LiDARs for highway self-driving vehicles and will, in turn, make LiDAR accessible […]

  • Geiger-mode LiDAR makes news at Photonics West

    Geiger-mode sensing is catching the attention of the press who report on autonomous driving. Here is a video of an interview of our CEO, Dr. Mark Itzler, discussing the merits of Geiger-mode LiDAR for self-driving cars, in particular, and 3D imaging, in general.  This interview was filmed at our booth at Photonics West last week. […]

  • GeigerCruizer™ Demo System images to 300 meters

    Autonomous driving at highway speeds requires object recognition at distances to a few hundred meters. The only LiDAR to date that has shown the capability of doing this, while meeting class 1 eye-safety requirements, is based on Geiger-mode sensing technology. This video was taken with a GeigerCruizer™ demonstration system that is imaging to distances as […]

  • Progress in Geiger-mode LiDAR “staggering” the LiDAR mapping world

    Jamie Young of Merrick & Co. discussed how comparing different LiDAR technologies for cost requires analyzing the assumptions: $100 a square mile mapping cost does not mean you can hire a company for $50 to map half a square mile.  He goes on to mention, towards the end of his piece, how Geiger-mode LiDAR is […]

  • Driver mode on smart phones is a band-aid for lowering driving deaths

    Interesting Times article on reducing distractions while driving so as to decrease fatalities on the road. For anyone who has pushed “passenger,” not “driver” while using Waze knows this idea is at best a band-aid on the problem. Driving deaths are probably high speed events, not fender benders. Sure you can have Driver Modes on […]

  • Driverless Cars to rely heavily on LiDAR Detection

    Self-driving cars may be more attentive than humans, but they are still no match for humans when it comes to responding to the unexpected. So reports the New York Times in this article from June 4th, 2016.  The article discusses five examples, including that of identifying potholes, oil slicks, and puddles. Engineers are working  on […]

  • China’s Quantum Satellite relies on Geiger-mode detection

    The launch of the Micius Chinese satellite, which deploys a quantum communications link between earth and space, was announced on the 16th of August 2016.  Quantum communication depends on Geiger-mode detection, a technology in which Princeton Lightwave is a renowned leader.  Geiger-mode detectors are optical devices that can observe light levels as low as a […]

  • Geiger-mode LIDAR used to navigate a UAV

    United Technologies Aerospace Systems announced at DCS2016 last week in Baltimore that they integrated one of our Geiger-mode cameras for low altitude navigation of a Sikorsky Blackhawk helicopter.  This paper by Carnegie Mellon University and Sikorsky provide details of this autonomous flight.  You can see a video here of the flight, as well as of the […]


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