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Geiger-mode Single Photon Avalanche Photodiodes

The PLI Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode (PGA) series consist of back illuminated InGaAs single photon detectors designed for maximum detection efficiency with minimal dark count rate.  They can be ordered optimized for 1.064 µm or 1.55 µm.  The PGA series detectors come either uncooled or with TE-coolers, and in windowed or fiber pigtailed TO packages or pigtailed butterfly modules. The windowed versions are available with 25 µm active area diameters, for higher performance, or with 80 µm active diameters, for ease of coupling.  The pigtailed versions are available with either 10 µm or 16 µm active areas.

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Negative Feedback Single Photon Avalanche Photodiodes

The PLI negative feedback single photon avalanche photodiode (PNA) series are self-quenching InGaAs SPADs, typically referred to as NFADs. Our patented design for integrating the negative feedback resistor into a SPAD provides the ultimate sensitivity, with fast response and excellent time resolution.  The NFAD’s intrinsic ability to quench and reset itself in hundreds of nanoseconds, without external control electronics, simplifies circuit design and saves board space. The PNA series is provided in TO packages that are either TE-cooled or uncooled and with or without fiber pigtailing.  Each type of NFAD can be ordered with 1, 4, 16, or 64 active regions connected in parallel in a matrix configuration as a solid-state photomultiplier.  Versions are available optimized for either 1.064 µm or 1.55 µm use.

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Single Photon Benchtop Receivers

The single photon benchtop receiver is a complete solution for single photon counting applications such as quantum optics. The receiver integrates an InGaAs SPAD, designed for high detection efficiency and low dark count, with all the necessary bias and control electronics. The front panel of the unit displays the number of photons detected in a selected interval as well as diagnostic information. All operating parameters and values can also be accessed through the RS-232 interface. The receiver is packaged in a 3U 19” rack mount chassis.

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Discrete Large Area Avalanche Photodiodes

The PLI avalanche photodiode (PAD) series detectors are planar front illuminated InGaAs detectors for use between 0.95 µm and 1.65 µm and are designed for linear mode operation.  Our PAD series is designed for lowest dark current and high sensitivity, with optical gain typically between 10 and 15. They are available with active area diameters of either 80 µm or 200 µm and housed either in TO-18 packages or on ceramic submounts.

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APD-TIA Receivers

The PLI avalanche photodiode receiver (PAR) series combines an InGaAs APD with an ultra-low noise transimpedance amplifier, inside of a TO package.  Typical wavelengths at which the PAR series is used are 1.064 µm and 1.55 µm.  They are available with either a 200 µm active area APD for maximizing free space light collection or with an 80 µm active area for higher bandwidth, up to 550 MHz. They come with or without TE-coolers.


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InGaAsP Multimode Laser Diodes

The PLI multimode laser (PLM) series relies on advanced multi-quantum well chip design, with innovative opto-mechanical packaging for providing stable, high brightness performance.  These 20 W modules are available with fiber core diameters as small as 100 µm and at wavelengths of 1470 nm or 1530 nm.



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InGaAsP Singlemode Laser Diodes

The PLI singlemode laser (PLS) series employs advanced multi-quantum well chip design with precision opto-mechanical packaging for providing high power at the maximum possible beam quality. Versions with up to 350 mW are available either in TO packages or in singlemode fiber pigtailed butterfly packages.  Wavelengths range from 1460 nm to 1550 nm.


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