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Demo of our GeigerCruizer™ Technology


contact-buttonThe GeigerCruizer™ is Princeton Lightwave’s LiDAR designed for the automotive market.  A crucial requirement for enhanced automotive safety and autonomous driving is longer range 3D imaging—but this capability must be achieved with eye-safe deployment.  With Princeton Lightwave’s unique Geiger-mode technology accompanied by scalable laser diode illumination, the GeigerCruizer™ provides eye-safe 3D visualization beyond 300 meters.

The videos on this page showcase the capabilities of the GeigerCruizer™:  the 2D imagery on the left is obtained with a standard CMOS camera, while the point cloud on the right is GeigerCruizer™ 3D time-of-flight imagery of all objects in the field of view.  Both videos are taken simultaneously with imagery generated in real time.

The videos include the following objects:

  • Frisbee players at 50 meters
  • Green car at 150 meters (with paint that is 15% reflective)
  • Black motorcycle at 250 meters (with paint that is 3% reflective)
  • Highway traffic at 350 meters (traveling at 60 miles per hour)

The LiDAR video was captured in broad daylight on a sunny day with intense solar background.  By working at optimal laser wavelengths and using Princeton Lightwave’s single-photon-sensitive Geiger-mode technology, the GeigerCruizer™ LiDAR possesses a unique capability for generating 3D imagery at long ranges sufficient to enable autonomous driving.


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