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Princeton Lightwave is the leading supplier of products based on Geiger-mode LiDAR technology, which is based on the detection and processing of single photons digitally, precisely, and in real-time. These products are made possible by our single-photon detectors that operate at near-infrared/shortwave-infrared wavelengths. We own the intellectual property for near-infrared Geiger-mode detectors and are the only company that produces these products.

Our newest product is the GeigerCruizer,™ which is designed for autonomous navigation and sees further than any other LiDAR sensor for driverless cars. In addition, it is semiconductor-based so reliable, compact, and scalable, per the requirements of the automotive industry.

We are widely known in commercial mapping, defense, and free space optical communications for our Geiger-mode cameras. At unsurpassed distances, these cameras capture images at accuracies and speeds that are orders of magnitudes beyond that of other near-infrared imaging technologies. Our cameras are used to create the highest resolution maps of the US Geological Survey and for tracking satellites in geosynchronous orbits 25,000 miles above the earth, as well as in airborne defense applications.

Our Geiger-mode detectors are the best detectors available for single photons and low light level signals in the near-infrared. They are the enabling components in long distance quantum communication links and also are used for free space ranging applications. We also produce other semiconductor optoelectronic devices, for ranging, medical, analytical, and other instrumentation applications.


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