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  • GeigerCruizer™ Demo System images to 300 meters

    Autonomous driving at highway speeds requires object recognition at distances to a few hundred meters. The only LiDAR to date that has shown the capability of doing this, while meeting class 1 eye-safety requirements, is based on Geiger-mode sensing technology. This video was taken with a GeigerCruizer™ demonstration system that is imaging to distances as far away as 300 meters. One can clearly see targets with reflectance as low as 10% and cars driving at 60 mph. Moreover, the video provides resolution of people in motion as well as objects as small as door handles and side view mirrors.

    We showed this video at SPIE Photonics West last week and it was received with overwhelming enthusiasm. We will be producing more that display the unique capabilities of Geiger-mode LiDAR.


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